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(Udacity) (course: intro to computer science) 20170120

lesson and chapter name : how to get started, what is programming



it has a few simple instructions that it can execute.

1. It gives us a way to tell the computer what steps to take.
2. What the program needs to be is a very precise sequence of steps.
3. Phython is one of many program languages. It is called interpreter.

(programs we write)-->(e.g. Python program, interpreter)-->(computer)


***new words from lasson "quiz: first programming quiz"

arithmetic expression

52 * 3
(we say) 52 times(multiplying) 3

group expression

e.g. (52 * 3)

print 52 * (3+12) * 9
we get the result 7020

print 7*7*24*60
(c.f.)and then multipy again, by 60.