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Words and definition to catch up new technologies

+++Cord methodology:
(to find out the opportunity of automation in business)
objective decision making
Repetitive tasks
Digital conversion

+++Big data and analytics
Delta model:
(capabilities need to succeed in competetion)
enterprise focus

be skeptical about
《be ~》~に疑いを抱く、~については懐疑的である、~を怪しんでいる

+++ business analytics defined
(analytics can be classified as below)
descriptive - similar to reporting
predictive - go beyond merely describing the characteristics of the data; analyze the past to predict the future.
prescriptive - suggest a course of action, just like a prescription from a doctor

+++ New vocabrary
difference between them: intuition, instinct, hunch ...
harness the power of ...(馬具)
hinge on ...(ドアの蝶番)(similar to up to, depend on)
we help you make the leap to adoption -
veracity (similar spelling to velocity)
iterative (i.e. agile) <-> Linear(i.e, waterfall)
high-fidelity simulation of our solutions
weed out mediocre ideas
hone in on:to move toward or focus attention on an objective

hone: to make an object sharp

e.g. hone in on bargains

from the onset of a project
collaborative, multi-disciplinary teams

e.g. cross-disciplinary study
ideate and prototype

ideate: to think of an idea or ideas

e.g. he infused a love of knowledge into the minds of his students
alas: used when mentioning a fact that you wish was not true
glaive shattering blows

unleash unlocked potential
building block:
a basic unit from which something is built up.
bring about:to cause to take place
e.g.bring about a change in the online car sales using digital penetration.
e.g. As-a-Service comprises a stack of 5 components
e.g. articulate a clear understanding of
bang-on: exactly correct or appropriate
amiable: having or displaying a friendly and pleasant manner
e.g. the aimiable young man greeted me enthusiastically
convinction: a firmly held belief or opinion
bail out:
(jump)make an emergency parachute descent from an aircrat,
(stop) stop doing or being involved with something
checkpoint: a poing at which a check is performed

conversant: familiar with something
surge:move suddenly and powerfully forward or upward
boot camp: training for rookie in military
ramp up
all hands meeting: meeting all employee got to attend
teem with: to contain large numbers of animals or people
e.g. It was teeming with people furiously typing away at their laptops
proprietary: one that possesses
money heist