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***words from EF: job interviews

whereas I see moving to the US as a chance to speed up my career.
I consider myself a team player as well.
a few years ago, you might've desribed me as shy
I had a tendency to get very stuck in the numbers
socialized with my team as much as I should have.

It's something that I have been working on, and I'm much more comfortable socializing in a business setting now.

in a business setting:

one of the numbers was way off
And I then had to bring that to her attention.
a mistake of that magnitude, you don't want the whole office knowing

there might be a mistake on either my end or hers.
we were able to rectify it before the deadline.

resilient: able to quickly return to a previous good condition
rectify:while something can be "corrected", correct in itself can also mean right. while "rectify" means to either be corrected, adjust, or to change.

sounds like you have really good tact
tact: the ability to say or do the right thing without making anyone unhappy or angry

we don't like call-out culture here.



consistence with: state of standing still; firmness,
e.g. Consider if the innovation is consistent with existing internal strategies, guidance, and priorities

IP: intellectual property rights

robust: strong and healthy; vigorous.
if you are clear about what is required in a client contract

e.g. care for your credentials
care for
e.g. Would you care for a cup of coffee? : コーヒーいかがですか?
e.g. I care for my wife. : 私は妻を愛している。
e.g. I don't care for sports. : スポーツには関心がない。

I got it
You got it
I got you; Gotcha

e.g. reputable website
e.g. These excerpts from "A" were compiled and edited by him
e.g. excerpt comments from

GDPR - general data protection regulation

c.f. The latest data privacy law is the General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) out of the European Union(EU), which goes into effect 25 May 2018.

criminal sanction
sanction: a threatened penalty for disobeying a law or rule

bash: strike hard and violently; criticize severely
e.g. you wouldn't bash a client at a public conference
e.g. Japan bashing

GARP(gratuitous ARP)

gratuitous: uncalled for; lacking good reason; given or done free of charge


agonize over: If you agonize over/about something, you spend time worrying and trying to make a decision about it:
e.g. at any rate, there's no point agnoising over something we don't know

put another way


Anti-Corruption 汚職行為防止
Best of all he has experience. いちばんよいことに彼には経験がある
popular sanction 世論の是認
give sanction to… …を裁可[是認]する
you have satisfied the completion requirements for this training.


admittedly: used when you are agreeing that something is true, especially unwillingly
I can live with that:現状を受け入れる, 何とかやっていく
e.g. Sure. I CAN LIVE WITH THAT. Sounds even better.

postal company


MUA:Mail user agent
MTA: Mail transfer agent
MDA: Mail delivery agent


prolific: (of a plant, animal, or person) producing much fruit or foliage or many offspring.
e.g. Hope we will have a prolific time in the coming six months


And so you shall, my darling. So you shall.
I open. = 開ける
I can open. = 開けられる。
I shall open. =開けよう。


I graduated with an MS in accounting.

M.A. = Master of Arts(文系)
M.S. = Master of Science(理系)

I'm currently working on an MBA.
I majored in chemistry.

I have extensive experience in operating huge corporate network


It's quite cold by this time of year.
It's a real pleasure to meet you
administrative assistant (秘書)
receptionist (受付)

How do you like _____?

I have to say
I have to say that’s the most amazing story I ever heard.


ambitious 野心のある
determined 決定力のある

<negative words>
touchy 神経質な、怒りっぽい
thin-skinned 過敏な

Don't worry about her. She's tough, really thick-skinned. Nothing gets to her.