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finally and eventually

go to the hospital, because I might be catching a cold.
It's a nice ritual!

Carton:a light box or container, typically one made of waxed cardboard or plastic in which drinks or foodstuffs are packaged.
e.g. even the milk cartons are cuter than outs.

they make a set amount yearly
get paid salary

***salary & wage
salaries of office workers「サラリーマンの給料」
executive salaries「役員報酬
get a 10-percent increase in salary「給料が10%昇給する」
barely survive on one’s salary「給料ぎりぎりでやっていく」
accept lower wages「賃金の引き下げを受け入れる」
cut in wages「賃金カット」
per-hour wages, wages an hour「時給」

e.g. I hate feeling like I'm imposing
e.g. I am sorry that I imposed myself on your privacy. :

You have taken the time to think things through.


brush it off
e.g. The mud will brush off when it dries.


***I am being impossible again:
The phrase means that someone is (usually intentionally) being obtuse or disagreeable. She didn't like that I wasn't taking her seriously, so she felt I was being impossible to talk to.